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Welcome to the website of PharmaCosMedics NV.

Our company has three departments: a medical, a pharmaceutical and a dermato-cosmetic division. Many years of experience in the dermatological and aesthetic medical field formed the strong fundaments to start up our company.

The Pharmaceutical Department brings to the pharmacies the newest evolutions of dermato-cosmetics and postoperative care products.

The Cosmetic Department is responsible for all your question about the well being in the cosmetic field. We offer in our portfolio dermatological fillers, surgical threads for a non-invasive lifting procedure, products for different skin & hair care programs and others. New innovating devices are explained, ready to be used in the daily medical office and even to be used in home care.

The Medical Department of our company aims to offer cutting edge medical products and technologies that provide reliable customer-oriented solutions for public and private clinics and medical practices. We aim to distribute the newest state-of-the-art laser and light-based systems for dermatological and aesthetic applications.

PharmaCosMedics NV focuses to introduce new effective clinical methods and products to the market and expand the product portfolio with high quality equipment.

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DE WULF Anne-Sophie

Chairman of PharmaCosMedics NV



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